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Caitlin Krause

Consultant: Mindfulness • Story • Design
United States
Caitlin Krause works in interdisciplinary arenas linking technology, learning, leadership, writing and immersive storytelling. She is passionate about the intersection of expression, experience, and user engagement. A respected global speaker, leader, entrepreneur and educator, Caitlin founded the company MindWise® in 2016; prior to that, she served as an integrated curriculum designer and educator for 10+ years in schools worldwide. Her book Mindful by Design (Corwin Press) addresses mindfulness, neuroscience, creativity and innovative learning with a compassionate, curiosity-driven mindset, focusing on connection at the core.
In her workshops, seminars and talks, she explores the immersive experience of mindfulness, AR/VR/MR virtual worlds, visualization, storytelling and design. Promoting active, sustainable, ethically-driven leadership and global learning models is Caitlin’s driving force.

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