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Susan Fisher

Fulton County Schools
Program Specialist for the Professional Learning Department
Fulton County Schools, Atlanta, GA
I enjoy drawing from my past professional experiences as both a high school and middle school teacher, Gifted Student Department Chair, Lead Technology teacher, and Vanguard Technology Team member for the greater county at large, to influence my current leadership role. As a Program Specialist for Professional Learning, I am responsible for supporting student achievement throughout our school system by developing and delivering professional learning programs for teachers and administrators related to instructional strategies and curriculum resources that increase teacher efficacy and student learning. One of my greatest loves is teaching higher level technology applications to students and teachers alike. Towards that end, I spend a great deal of my time now presenting to educators across the country on how to best use technology in their classrooms to maximize creative thought.

By personally creating a flipped and inspired classroom, the focus of my class shifted off of traditional lectures and moved the emphasis to student generated learning. This model encouraged students to collaborate and apply what they have already learned independently. Additionally, creating an Inspired, Project Based and Gamified classroom opened the door to increased differentiation and motivation.

For me, technology is an essential component of the 21st Century classroom. However, I believe that not all technology applications are "value-added" and should not replace sound teaching practices already in place. They should be brought in to enhance critical thinking and problem solving lessons. I hope to learn with my colleagues and students alike, to be innovative and thoughtful global citizens in our new 21st Century world.