Janet McCarroll

St. Mary’s Catholic School
Deputy Principal
Tauranga, New Zealand

Janet McCarroll is Deputy Principal and Curriculum and Assessment Leader at a New Zealand primary school, with a roll of 410 students, located on the  Tauranga  estuary. Janet has shared her school's journey developing a  vision which supports student self assessment and self reporting at the  International Conferences on Thinking (ICOT) in both Wellington NZ (2013) and Belfast Ireland (2011), and other national conferences. Supported by current research on the power of student self - reporting, the desire to further refine our feedback/ feed forward strategies and placing greater value on student reflection, St Mary's school has been guided by a learning vision 'to develop Assessment Capable Students, Teachers, Leaders and Parents' across the curriculum. Using rich and relevant learning experiences, web 2.0 tools are used to capture the critical learning conversations, where a student provides feedback to the teacher, using questions to prompt self reflection and reporting. The authentic student voice, self reporting against an agreed standard, provides a deep picture into student understanding. When a learner can articulate where they are at with their learning and where they have to go to next, a desired pathway to adding value to learning outcomes is achieved.