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Shilpa Yarlagadda

Club Academia
Student - Founder of Club Academia
Palo Alto, California
Shilpa is founder of Club Academia, a non-profit Ed-Tech company. Club Academia is built on the platform "of the student, by the students and for the students" as it hopes to provide a world-class education for all students through its concise video-tutorials. From her involvement with Club Academia, Shilpa was named a winner of the $20,000 Westly Prize and is currently one of twelve innovating youth under twenty two years of age to serve as a member of Dell's inaugural Youth Innovation Advisory Board also called "Dell's 12 Under 22." She has presented at numerous Ed-Tech conferences including ISTE, CUE, FETC, Dell World, StuVoiceLive and also our very own Building Learning Communities Conference where she was a Keynote panelist in 2014..