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Alycia Zimmerman

PS 33 Chelsea Prep, NYC DOE
Grade 3 G&T Teacher
Alycia Zimmerman has been going on intellectual adventures with her third grade students for seven years. Prior to becoming a teacher with the New York City Teaching Fellows program, Alycia worked as a life sciences assistant editor for Oxford University Press. Working alongside her students in the classroom is far more challenging and inspiring than anything she previously encountered.     

Alycia loves working with her colleagues and PLC's to explore new ways to foster student autonomy, divergent thinking, and real-world problem solving with the thoughtful use of low and high tech learning tools.      

Alycia is a teacher-advisor and spokesperson for the educational non-profit DonorsChoose.org. She also writes a weekly blog about her classroom experiences and teaching ideas for Scholastic's Top Teaching blog: www.scholastic.com/teachers/teaching-ideas/alycia-zimmerman